Some more great reading materials were found in this article in USA Today.
The following are resources for parents and students to continue their reading and learning skills throughout the summer.   A calendar has been created for the months of June, July and August with different reading related activities for your child.     
Mrs. Kristel’s  Award Winning Literature Database
Recommendation for Independent and Summer Reading


The Database of Award-Winning Children’s Literature is an excellent resource for parents who are looking for quality literature. The site is easy to navigate because it sorts almost 10,000 titles by specific criteria such as: age of reader, author/illustrator, awards, genre, historical period, and keyword.

Simply click on the following web address:  Click on the graphic. Then you make a choice: Search DAWL, Instructions, Developments Log, Calendar of Awards, Explanation of Awards, and About Lisa R. Bartle

The instructions tab is the best place to start. You can tailor your search from this point.